Knowing When to Relocate Near a Loved One

While you might like to think your loved one will be able to live on their own forever, this isn't always the case. Your aging family member may decline physically, mentally, or both. Sometimes it's loneliness that becomes a major issue. No matter the reason, you need to know when it's time to move closer to that individual. presents some signs that you should keep a watchful eye on.

Mental Decline

Mental decline could be a sign of dementia or anxiety. Both can cause a person to become more forgetful or have difficulty concentrating or finding the right words. 

With dementia, you may notice your loved one is becoming confused easily. In some cases, dementia will cause depression, anxiety, paranoia, or inappropriate behaviors. 

Physical Decline

Take note if your loved one is having difficulty moving. Maybe they're struggling to get up and down the steps. In some cases, a person may no longer be able to clean, cook, and take care of their yard like they once did.

Not Taking Care of Basic Needs 

Pay careful attention if your older family member is no longer addressing their basic needs, such as grooming and dressing.

Depression, physical mobility issues, and mental deterioration can all contribute to a person not taking care of their hygiene.

Assessing Your Loved One's Living Situation

You'll need to talk to your loved one and determine what they want. If they're mentally alert, ask if they're ready to move to a smaller location with fewer responsibilities. 

If you determine that moving is right for your loved one, help them make a checklist of what they want and need. A need might be a one-story home with a little yard, while a want might be a sun porch. 

Maybe they require care instead of a smaller living space. If so, compare care facilities in the area. Keep in mind that you first need to decide if home care, assisted living, memory care, or a nursing home is more suitable for your loved one. 

Making the Move Easier 

If you and your aging family member decide the best decision is for you to relocate closer to them, your next step is to prepare for the move. Fortunately, you can simplify the process. Work with an agent to determine your home's value and sell it. Subtract the cost of the outstanding mortgage to get an accurate picture of your budget for a new home. 

Make a checklist of what you want and need from a house so you make this move beneficial to you as well. 

Hire Help 

While you're making this move,don't hesitate to hire help for your loved one. You could employ someone to sit with them a few hours a week to keep them company or prepare their meals. Consider hiring someone to landscape for your family member to ease the burden on you and them. Compare landscapers in the area by performing a search for “Angi landscapers near me.” Make sure you get a quote and discuss fully what you want and need them to do. If money is an issue, look for companies that are currently running discounts. 

Moving Closer Means Always Being There

When you move closer to a loved one, you're more accessible to them. Make the process easier by using resources from Thriving AI

Written by: Sharon Wagner from


November 15, 2021


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