What to Expect When Working With a Senior Moving Company 

More than half of all moves are for people over 50 years old. Moving can be a stressful process for anyone, but it can be downright overwhelming for older adults. Finding a senior moving company that specializes in assisting older adults with their moving needs can help make this transition go more smoothly.

Maybe you’re downsizing because you no longer need the space and your current home has become too much to maintain. Maybe you’re relocating to be closer to your grandchildren. Perhaps you’re even grieving the loss of your significant other. Whatever the case, leaving behind memories and familiar surroundings is rarely easy. 

But did you know that there are moving companies that specialize in senior moving? Working with a reputable senior moving company can relieve a significant amount of stress and make your relocation go much more smoothly. 

Common questions about senior moving services

Why would I need a senior moving company?  

A lot is involved in the moving process. This is true whether you’re moving to an assisted living community, condo, or smaller house. Packing boxes and loading furniture can be difficult tasks for older adults, but these are not the only responsibilities involved. You also must figure out what to do with your current home and estate, downsize your belongings, and find the right home to relocate to. A reputable senior moving company can help you every step of the way. They will relieve a lot of stress and significantly shrink your moving to-do list.

When looking for a new home, make sure you understand what type of house you can afford. You can use an affordability calculator to estimate a mortgage payment that factors in the home sale price, your down payment, and other details.

Why not hire a regular moving company?  

In most cases, a traditional moving company will load up your belongings into a truck, deliver them to your desired destination, and unload the truck. These services and more are included when you work with a senior moving company. Perhaps the best part of hiring a moving service that specializes in helping seniors is that they do it day in and day out. They understand the physical and emotional challenges that come with moving homes as a retiree. 

This understanding and experience allow senior moving companies to provide top-notch service. Perhaps you hire them simply to move your belongings or you opt for additional services like downsizing assistance and home improvements or modifications.

What services are included? 

You will have access to many services when hiring a senior moving company. Along with helping you plan your move from start to finish, the company can also help you with the downsizing and decluttering process, as well as with unpacking and organizing items in your new home. They can even arrange for shipping and storage, and execute donations, consignments, auctions, or estate sales. If you don’t have a real estate agent yet, your senior moving specialist may be able to connect you with a reliable, experienced Seniors Real Estate Specialist who can walk you through the process of selling your home.

What else I should know about senior moving companies? 

Not all senior moving companies are created equal. When researching different companies be sure to read customer reviews. Once you have found a few companies with great reputations, contact each of them so that you can compare prices. Each moving company has its strong points and provides services in its own unique way; consider these details as you pick a company that will best suit your needs. Be aware of the potential for moving company scams!

Finally, the amount of assistance you need from a senior moving company will largely be determined by what you cannot or don’t want to do yourself. So, make sure you figure out what tasks you and/or your relatives and friends can perform, and get quotes from the moving company for anything that you won’t be doing. You may not need as much help as hiring a complete moving specialist may provide, but you may benefit from some assistance. Look for move managers who can assist with the organization process. Look for move managers with expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results.

If you just need handy materials to help you pack, there are moving kits that are easy to order online that have what you need at reasonable prices. 

As a senior, moving can be downright overwhelming. Help yourself out by hiring a senior moving service. Understand how these services differ from regular moving services, and make a plan for the specific tasks and projects that you will need to hire out. Then, research online to find reputable companies from which you can compare prices, and choose the company that will best serve your situation.

Written by: Andrea Needham

July 8, 2021


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