The Growing Problem of Loneliness in Disabled People

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to a serious issue, disabled people are feeling increasingly lonely. A charity called Sense has done some research and found that many disabled individuals are experiencing severe loneliness, especially young disabled people.

Even before the pandemic, disabled people were often isolated, but the issue has become much worse since. The loneliness is affecting their mental health and many disabled people want the government to focus on solving this problem along with other important issues like healthcare and the economy. Sense is also asking for help from the public to make life more accessible for disabled people and fight against loneliness.

According to Sense's research 61% of disabled people are now feeling very lonely most of the time and this goes up to almost 70% for young disabled people. Before the pandemic they already faced more loneliness than others, but things have progressively got worse. Feeling lonely all the time has a big impact on mental health. More than 70% of disabled people say their mental health has been affected by loneliness. This means there might be an increase in mental health problems for them. We need to pay attention tot his and offer support. Sense is asking people to pledge their support to fight loneliness and make life easier for disabled people. 

The fear of a mental health crisis is real, as loneliness is growing rapidly among disabled people it is affecting their mental health and well-being. It's essential for all of us to work together to try to fix this problem.

By Downloading our Thriving app, we can make a positive difference and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for disabled individuals. Let's join forces to fight loneliness and offer hope to those who need it the most.

Please do contact us if you require any information on how our app can help fight loneliness, not only for disabled people but for anyone who may need extra support. We help build a network of support for anyone suffering. We all know someone who could benefit from


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