Thriving AI Celebrated Carers Week 2023

Carers Week is an annual event that raises awareness for carers all across the board, whether the carer is paid or unpaid, this week is about showcasing the challenges that carers across the UK face daily. This year’s theme was “recognising and supporting carers in the community”

How can you raise awareness and celebrate carers week?

1. Reach out to your local MP. Carers UK is looking to gain more support from our UK government, they need support for unpaid carers. To raise awareness for this, they have set up a campaign which will take you just a couple of minutes to do. All you have to do is write a quick letter to your local MP asking them to support the Carers UK campaign. You can find more details HERE.

2. Hold a local coffee morning. Being a carer can sometimes become very isolating and lonely, by holding a coffee morning not only are you raising money to support the unpaid carers within the UK, you are also creating a space for many other carers, or families with carers to come together - a carers community.

3. Donate This helps fund some of their crucial services such as their helpline, online forum and peer support sessions.

4. Let your family carer know you are grateful for them and the work they are doing Gratitude and appreciation can go a long way. If anyone in your family has a carer, or someone you know is a carer, let them know you appreciate the work they do. Tell them you are grateful for the time they spend helping other people, they may not be told this very often. The main focus of carers week is to build awareness around unpaid carers, and proving a more workable environment for them all.

5. Download the Thriving AI app, specifically designed to support both family and professional caregivers. By bringing the whole circle of care together and creating some life changing features within the app, we are taking the pressure and stress off the caregivers and the NHS.

Being a carer is a very big and challenging task, with large responsibilities which can have an effect on the carer’s health.

Carers UK want the government to give more support to carers, paid or unpaid, so that they are able to do their role to the best of their ability. They need to feel safe in all work spaces, combat loneliness, prevent poverty and have the right tools to look after their own wellbeing and health. Please support the carers when and if you can.


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