Top 5 socially distanced activities to do for your elder loved one this Valentine's Day

1. Don’t forget to send a gift!

Have flowers, fruit arrangements, or cookies delivered to your senior’s home with a personalized message. Remind them that they are loved this Valentine’s day! Want more gift ideas? We have a few items that are meaningful or helpful for your senior:

2. Host a video chat with your senior.

Being able to talk over the video chat is often more meaningful than a quick text or even a call. This has become the standard go-to for many of us these days but if you haven’t been able to convince your senior to try a video-call yet, see if they can use this guide to get started.  

3. Chat about past Valentine’s Days.

Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

A walk down memory lane can help elders relieve feelings of loneliness or isolation. If your seniors are still married and together, ask about their favorite Valentine’s day together and try to get into the details. What did they love about that particular memory? What year was it? Did they exchange gifts or cards, go on a date, or did they just spend some quality time together? See if you can find a genuine story that may even inspire how you can make your own Valentine’s day plans special.

4. Create a video before Valentine’s Day with your family.

Send the video to your elder loved one on Valentine’s Day to let them know you are thinking about them. This is a great idea for family’s with kids, get them involved! Break out the selfie stick and see who is the best videographer in the family. The kids will have fun and your senior will cherish the video they can view over and over.

5. Consider hiring some help for your senior.

It’s not a very romantic idea but your senior living at home may need an extra hand cleaning or maintaining their home. They will appreciate the thoughtful idea and will love that you were mindful of about their needs. Don’t surprise them though, always remember that they may still value their independence and want to do things themselves, so check in on them and see if the help would be welcome.

April 5, 2021


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