Yoga - Great For All Ages

Are you looking to start a new hobby which can also help improve your physical health? Yoga may be the perfect activity for you!

Yoga has many benefits for people of all ages. Yoga can help improve not only your physical health but also your mental health and your overall well-being!

Research has found that yoga has helped people feel reduced stress and depression and they have found an improvement in their flexibility, balance, and their strength!

Top Tip 1: Wear comfortable clothing, clothes that let you move freely.

Yoga is good for everyone at every age, but depending on your age and health, you will find different benefits. For example, yoga in children can help them learn self-regulate, focus on the task at hand, and handle problems peacefully, as well as improve balance, relieve tension, and increase strength when practised regularly.

Top Tip 2: Try using yoga blocks or a chair for extra support.

Yoga can help teenagers improve physical appearance, including posture, flexibility, body strength, and balance, as well as improve mental health, which is especially important as they navigate social and academic settings.

Whereas in adults the benefits are slightly different, examples of these are maintaining a moderate weight, quitting smoking, osteoporosis, and osteopenia by improving bone density, which decreases as we age, and improving menopause symptoms.

Top Tip 3: Practising yoga can help manage the physical and psychological symptoms that many women experience during the transition from peri-menopause to menopause.

Overall, yoga is the perfect physical activity for everyone, and we would highly recommend trying it out! Please make sure you seek professional guidance to make sure your poses are carried out correctly.


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